Friday, 3 July 2015

Home Made LED LCD Projector V. 2.0

Previously I posted instructable on how to make LED HD projector that you can see here

This was my first attempt to make projector then I more improve it and add many other features.
So I upgraded my projector. Many new features I added in this version that was needed for professional look.

What’s New –
1. Keystone correction feature added.
2.  Now my projector more brighter.
3. New box design looks smaller.
4. Add internal speaker.
5. Add relay module for  auto on/off LED light with my LCD remote.
6. Batter box finishing look like company product.
7. Add new menus buttons.

How to add relay module?

I bought 5v relay module from @ 190 /- INR. I connect it with my 5v lcd controller pan drive power source and output terminal (COM and NO) connected with LED light driver and 240v power source. Now when I on my LCD controller with my remote the relay get triggered and LED light on automatically.

How To Make ?

Final Results - 

All results are in the completely dark room and simple white wall. The projector set approx 10 feet far from the wall and screen size is project approx 100".


Saturday, 13 December 2014

Making LED HD Video Projector

Everybody wants to watch there favorite movies or sports on big screen. So they are plan to buy video projector. I also crazy about projectors. But there are too costly HD projectors available in the market. If you are looking hd projector in the market,there is starting price approx 30,000/- INR. It is very over budget for me. So i planing to make myself HD projector that project about 100" screen.
                                                                               After lot of research on Google i decided to make pj with 100w high power led and 7" 1280*800 LCD panel. The LED consume very less power and much life.

Here is the test result of my pj

Things that i used in my pj.-

  1. Play wood (mdf) sheet to make box
  2. Fresnel lens. I used 120mm fl and 185 mm fl
  3. Triplet lens. I used 200mm fl
  4. Condenser lens 
  5. 100w high power led with driver
  6.  LCD panel and its controller. I used 1280*800 7” HD lcd and controller.
  7. 12v adapter for exhaust fan and lcd 
  8.  Cpu exhaust fan to make projector cool
  9.  CPU heat sink for led

  The basic concept of making pj is here -

The LCD that i used is here -

Lens arrangement in Projector  -

Here Is the LED Assembly -


  Controller Fitting- 


Final Projector Ready For Action -

Front View

Back  View